The Consultants at JMR provide a variety of products and services to help durable medical equipment companies grow and prosper. We've been helping medical equipment companies become accredited for over 15 years and offer practical, no nonsense solutions that really work!

Our Comprehensive Accreditation Preparation Program Includes: 


  • An on-site mock survey to determine your current level of compliance with accreditation standards and to identify opportunities for improvement
  • An evaluation of your business operations to determine the best accrediting option for you
  • Customized policies, procedures and forms to be used by your staff to seamlessly meet accreditation standards while ensuring the highest quality care to your patients 

  • Staff inservices and training to make the policies "alive" in your organization.  Staff performance is a key component to a successful survey and we will make sure your staff are preparded to perform at their best.

  • Unlimited telephone support and assistance as we work together through the implementation process

  • Communicate directly with the accrediting agency on your behalf

  • Attend the accreditation survey and facilitate the activities throughout the survey.


JMR Consulting Services is committed to working with our clients to successfully submit bids as part of Round II of the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program.  We will work with you to evaluate your financial and credit position so that you can submit the strongest bid possible.  Our team is prepared to guide you through the often confusing maze of competitive bidding.  Hopefully you will come out the other side with a succesful CMS bidding contract.